Reframing in sports – suggested solutions of the exercise examples


In the first article “Reframing in Sport” it was necessary to practice six examples to practice the technique “Reframing” from sports psychology – here I would like to suggest solutions.

 Statement: “Everyone knows, Bayern is favorite, Hamburg has no chance.”

Reframing the statement: “As an underdog, it is easier for Hamburgers to play, they will be highly motivated, while the Munich will be too reckless in the game – this can be exploited – eventually their winning streak ends.”

 Statement: “The referee is from the opposing national association, but support my opponent.”

Reframing the statement: “The referee is from the opposing state association – who will decide neutral and conscientious, after all, the audience knows that and he will not be nearly blamed.”

 Statement: “18:18 and just now rips my bat!”

Reframing the statement: “18:18 Racquets torn, but my replacement racket is exactly the same – and the short pounding brings me some air and the opponent out of step.”

 Statement: “The ball is broken – in the middle of the rally -how should I properly train there.”

Reframing the statement: “The ball is broken – that’s what happened to me at the last tournament with a tight score – I have to use it to deal with it – then it will be easier for me at the next tournament – after all, it can always happen.”

 Statement: “The audience always clap only for my opponent, while I make more points.”

Reframing the statement: “The audience supports my opponent but only because they see that he has no chance.”

Now it is not possible to avoid the appearance of these thoughts. But what can influence you is that you stop following that thought. Important is always just this moment. He is everything you influence. The past is over and you can not change it anymore. The future is not yet achieved. What remains is this moment. This game, this sentence, yes, strictly speaking, only this point. Exactly this point your team is playing right now. And that is what it is about, play point by point. So you should concentrate mentally on this moment. So when stress issues crop up, it’s important that you keep returning to that moment with your attention.

 In order to do this better, it is advisable to use a simple trick. Give away your stressful thoughts. You may find it a bit too simple, but you’ll be amazed at how effective this technique can be. I have had excellent experiences with myself as well as with athletes supervised by me.

 Exercise: Give up stress thoughts

 Find a partner in your area. This can be your husband/wife or just the team leader. Dedicate this partner to your request. Then write in good time before the badminton game socks all sorts of stressful thoughts that go through your head, on a piece of paper or an index card. Take a closer look at what has been written down. And then hand over the note to the chosen partner. Ask him to keep the note for you and play it back after the game.

 You can also do this during the game if your partner is nearby. Just write all new stress thoughts over and over again on a paper and give it off.

 The important thing is just one thing: take the whole thing seriously. Do not try to get rid of thoughts like annoying flies. And once you get the note back, look again at your notes. Let yourself be surprised: Maybe some things have turned out to be unnecessary, maybe even confirmed.