Kenwood Smoothie Maker




From the outside, the smoothie maker has an elegant yet compact design, making it appealing to the eye. However, the design goes beyond the looks to also incorporate certain features that add convenience to the maker. These features include the following:

A powerful motor

The quality of the smoothie you make depends not only on the taste but also on its texture in the mouth. To enhance efficiency, the SB055 features a powerful 300w motor that facilitates thorough shredding of fruits. Furthermore, the motor has two-speed settings; one that allows it to move extremely fast and another that facilitates lower speeds. This allows users to change the motor’s speed to facilitate making smoothies out of both hard and soft fruits and foods. This, in turn, gives users diverse options when it comes to what to include in the smoothie.


In spite of the power in the motor, the SB055 is very quiet when working as compared to other brands that break the peace in the new silent food processors, irritating the ears. This makes it convenient to use anywhere and at any time.


The SB055 Kenwood smoothie maker is also very flexible in many aspects. For starters, it can make sweet and smooth smoothies out of a diverse range of fruits and other foods, regardless of their nature of hardness. In fact, it is ideal for crushing ice cubes. The smoothie maker is also easily portable, allowing Canadian pharmacy EpiPen users to make and refreshing smoothies from anywhere and at any time. It comes with several features like silence and portable cups to facilitate this.


One of the viagra natural most awesome features of the SB055 is its spill-proof nature. It comes with cups that feature lids which you can drink through, and which ensure the smoothie is not spilled when not in use. These lids are so effective that the cups can be stored in any position without worrying about spilling. Furthermore, it is very easy to alternatively drink the smoothie straight out of the jug as no decanting is needed with this smoothie. This comes as a convenience in situations where cups are not available. The smoothie itself is also easy and fast to clean. The metal shredder can be easily unscrewed to ensure proper cleaning and hence safety. This saves you the much-required maintenance that comes with other makers.


The SB055 comes as a convenience for people who really like their smoothie. To this end, it can be used anywhere and at any time as it is easily portable. It can also easily and quickly crash a variety of viagra compared to cialis fruits and foods, bringing versatility

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